Johannes Väänänen, the original inventor of the iPhone user interface methods (MyOrigo myDevice launched for the public in 2003, 4 years before Apple's iPhone, story told in 2015 book "The Smart Device"), and also the original inventor of motion controlled gaming (Ball-it's Blobo, launched for the public in 2005, 1 year before Nintendo Wii), and who holds more than a hundred patents worldwide, now develops his next and most important invention to date. It will redefine the digital frontier and the world forever - again:
The Seventh Sense.

Fully functional proof of concept device

Industry has not yet recognized the next big problem within digital world – information overload for visual and aural senses (seeing and hearing). A normal human can only process a fraction of the information dumped from everywhere to our eyes and ears – mobiles, tablets, laptops, TV, ads. Bigger screens, more info, more to process for brains. Whatever you do now your visual sense is overloaded severely. Civilized human kind now lives in constant visual information overload. The Seventh Sense puts visual and aural information aside – instead it provides a new physical sense for mankind.

„For once I was blind, now I can see“.


Johannes Väänänen (Founder, Chairman, CTO)

Judge William L. Burns (CEO)

Marcello Tessieri (COO)



  • Uniraja Ltd. is a technology and IP development company for Johannes Väänänen's inventions and visions. Founded in Finland 2003 the company resides in Estonia since 2010 with headquarters in Tallinn, the capital of the country. Uniraja has partner offices in Finland, Helsinki and Oulu, as well as in Budabest, Hungary.